March 28, 2013

Counting days.

Day goes by. I'm getting old. You grow older. People change.

What i'm trying to say is, this campus life of mine gonna end soon. Exciting isnt it?

But what lies behind it is actually, all these thing that i'm experiencing are, of cycles that had happened before. And funny how I get so sentimental and all that which I never ever had before. Because i'm the type that always looks forward. It just so weird what is happening to me?!

I guess i'm changed.

March 9, 2013

Let's just forget the title shall we?

Aku dalam kondisi tak tahu pada siapa yang patut aku percaya, siapa yang sepatutnya aku letakkan title kawan itu sendiri.

Kadang kadang aku sendiri tertanya tanya, aku masih ada kawan lagi ke?

Salah seorang kawan baik aku memegang satu prinsip bahawa as a friend, you should support them in whatever they do. That's what friends do.

Technically, bukan pada aku. Friends do whatever it takes to help their friends go through happy and tough time, and give a best decision to whatever problem their friends are having, including problems they think they're so right.

Aku sedih melihatkan kawan aku yang dah berubah at certain conditions. Dia tak berubah pada keseluruhannya atau mungkin sifat tu dah memang lama ada dalam diri dia tapi dia tak tunjuk.

Its funny tho how a stranger, can change you in a minute and makes you forget who you used to be.

Bila kata kawan tak nak dengar, kata outsiders kau sibuk iakan.

March 5, 2013

Too many dreams, too many responsibilities. You sure don't want that are you?

It started with a what-if.

Sarah, what if one day, you'll find me as someone who becomes a professor, who teaches other professors?

And then other several what-ifs came.

What if one day you'll see me driving a lamborghini? What if one day i'm here as somebody? What if I become a billionaire? What if that. What if this. What is then. You wouldn't wanna believe.

And there I was, like, what if you shut up and get done with everything then you talk? Wtf.