June 19, 2015

those nights when you mess everything up.

i hope we're 6 or 7 or 10 years together and still fun.
and i hope i didn't have to meet a new guy and feel happy because he's funny and he makes me happy because you're too faraway. i hope i didnt have to feel guilty to him because i'm gonna break another heart.
i hope i never get bored listening to you. i hope i never did anything that breaks your heart.

but it's just me being delusional. i get confused and distracted alot. i'm scared. i'm fucking scared.

June 17, 2015

maybe, just maybe, i should just mute you so that i don't have to see your bullshits running pass through my eyes. but then i don't have a subject to hate about so which one should i put my heart to it i just can't decide it yet whether to hate you or hate all of your bullshits.

it's been awhile ey?

life has been good so far. i did not get what i've expected but i am grateful for where i am now. and for that, i shall thank god a lot more.

kadang aku rasa, padan muka with what you chose cause now i'm at better place than yours. reality sucks aint it? betul lah, people said god knows what's better for you and i shall not be sad about it. and now, it serves you right in the face.

i dont think its wrong to boast off how happy i am to be here because you know, you can suck my virtual dick anytime you want baby.

June 14, 2015



i can't fucking write. i need to fucking write something other than fuck.

June 2, 2015

a letter to you.

hi. how are you doing? i'm actually glad that you're finally moving on. i dont really know but from what i've seen, you've moved on. while i'm stuck here loving people you used to love endlessly, you used to know, even.

this is not a sorry letter or a sympathetic one. i still get jealous over all the memories you have with them. i've lost my school friends, some used to sleep beside me for a whole year. i dont mind. they don't know the real story of us, even you.

i just wish you'll get better, we'll get better. our lifes dont resolve around people we love or loved. things happen and time cant turn back to what it was. be young, and shut up.