August 26, 2016

nombor-nombor roman (v)

i. the only question that you don't need to answer is stupid question. it's just plain stupid that its relation with rhetorical questions is almost alike.

ii. tiga hari thinking of what should i write about the long waited job i've been dreaming about. still, nothing.

iii. if i could compare all of the job in malaysia, i still think mine is one of the best. and it's a hell lot to pay for its toughness.

iv. lately i found myself ok and not ok to be a loner. seolah apabila aku masuk sempadan selangor, maka aku akan jadi independent. whilst in kl, i cant be left alone. apahal?

v. sebagai ringkasan, aku harap mereka semua boleh terima aku. or even after a year that i have to leave, they'd remember me. it is too much to ask but i'd ask anyway.

August 22, 2016

nombor-nombor roman (iv)

i. i have a thing in considering how i should type to certain someone. sebagai contoh: 1. jika untuk urusan yang lebih formal seperti menghantar email, pesanan atau surat-surat maka perlulah setiap ayat dimulakan dengan huruf besar. 2. jika pesanan ringkas untuk keluarga, kawan-kawan dan social media, lebih informal dengan semua ayat menggunakan huruf kecil dan lebih banyak shortforms.

ii. i dont do mix. it's just not me.

iii. tentang penggunaan tanda, formal stays its way while informal barely noktah there. unless it's necessary. aku merasakan bahawa there must be something to differentiate between them. seolah kena ada that kind of value.

iv. my kind of good book doesnt necessary to be a good ending. kalau cara penceritaannya sudah baik, maka ia sudah cukup untuk aku katakan bagus.

v. aku kena lebih banyak bersabar dan bertolak ansur. which is a subject that i always failed.

August 19, 2016

of nicotine, alcohol and 24 degree celcius

aku melangkah masuk ke dalam lif. and i smelled something that reminds me a place i'd been before.

bau asap rokok yang sebati bersama perfume dalam keadaan suhu lif seperti di offices yang kedap dengan udara pendingin hawa.

aku kenal benar dengan suasana ini. sudah hampir 3 tahun aku meninggalkan bumi Senawang. yet, bau-bauan itu masih segar dalam kotak memori. macam deja vu.

aku hanya berharap yang baik-baik untuk hari mendatang. semoga tuhan kurniakan.

August 17, 2016

nombor-nombor roman (iii)

i. i'm not that type of a person yang tengok movie dan hafal nama pelakon. because i think when an actor acts as a different human being, he's already not himself anymore. hence, his name is no longer deserve my attention.

ii. but, to judge an actor on how good he is in acting, requires you to remember his name. satu pembawakan watak yang bagus dapat menempah nama pelakon tersebut ke mata dunia. in other word, he deserves it.

iii. let's see.. i'm not thrilled to watch About Alex. also, i don't have any idea why'd i downloaded it in the first place.

iv. aku juga ada ketagihan memuat turun movie in bulk without watching it. the feeling of watching the bar filled up with a green coloured substance is inevitable.

v. the green coloured substance is just hexadecimal numbers yang digambarkan in pixelletes hence it creates the colour. i did applied what i've learnt in my daily life didnt i?

vi. kuala lumpur adalah tempat berehat-rehat bagi aku. amat kontra bukan? hate to exaggerate but i think i was born here.

August 16, 2016


kadang tuhan beri sesuatu yang luar jangkaan pada masa yang luar sangkaan kau. "miracle is another name for hardwork," i guess. keep on thinking good things tentang tuhan. you deserve it, self.

August 15, 2016

in too deep

untuk kesekalian kalinya, dan yang entah berapa kalinya, i am slowly slipping away. come catch, if you really care. because i'm already losing hope.

August 13, 2016

dak-dak hipster

i. limitting your audience is a step ahead to smalling your circle. hence, the protected tweets.

ii. maybe i was never good at making friends stay at all.

iii. hari yang berjalan terasa semakin pantas. definitely because i have things to settle everyday now. which by means, daily goals.

iv. kadang i feel amused seeing people trying to maintain their hipsterness for every picture they've taken. the pose, the filters they applied and everything in between. is that what really art meant?

v. anyhow, being a hipster requires a lot of money. which by means, your so called hipster is owning you. how much has it owned you? as much as you willing to spend for yrself that you claimed it's something that you like.

vi. i'm off that era. sebab i overspent it on foods. but still some are claiming me hipster. thank you for noticing it tho.

vii. one thing for sure, i finally understood what it meant to think good things about people. it's when you finally accept yrself and forgive.

August 9, 2016

what talking to a stranger feels like

i can feel my chest burning while listening to Fossa. how can a song affect your insides so much? earlier, aku dengar a song played by Daughter also. it made me wants to dance. i should have dance though god knows i'm bad at dancing.

have you ever really dance in front of people? i did once. zapin. seumur hidup aku, i never thought i'd dance in front of a human. but when i went to Japan last year, i had to do it. well, it's a hell of an experience. since you've always said that 'if you never try, you'll never know', that comes to a term of i need to do it.

nothing hurts though to try things we never have the guts to do. kadang aku terlalu untuk mencuba because there's a slight curiousity to hear your heart stops beating for once, for that moment. it's scary to think about it. that i have the desire to die.

August 7, 2016

ice cream at 8 o'clock in the morning is so me

i. hari ini adalah hari di mana i'm feeling so carefree. walaupun i know i cannot do anything today.

ii. bukan kerana kecelakaan atau simply aku tak sihat dan terbaring sahaja dirumah. it's a day out with family. and they are off going somewhere and i'm much more doing nothing in someone else's house. and i'm pretty much don't mind it at all.

iii. somehow, mendengar bunyi-bunyi kenderaan berpusu laju atas jalan raya makes me feel comfort. i guess i do miss kuala lumpur.

iv. pagi ini sahaja aku telah menangkap tiga ekor(?) pokemon. what's so hyped about what's trending now which honestly, i do not know.

v. i have become quite off my mind lately apabila aku imagined myself taking master course at some university in south korea. i reaally am out of mind.

vi. may everything goes smooth today. amen.