November 25, 2016

rage, personal and everything in between.

i. as i get older, i found that there's nothing wrong with being like everyone else. macam, suka dengan the usual, dengan not being different. before, i thought being different than everybody else is what defines you but it is certainly not. i used to prefer hanging out at the library or the bookstore over watching movies at the cinema or eating out at fancy restaurants. who cares anyway as long as you know what you're doing.

ii. kadang aku juga merasakan bahawa when i write in malay, people will not take me seriously. or i may find that i'm not so serious to tell what's going on inside my head. don't get me wrong. i like writing in malay too it's just i stopped reading malay literature when i was 22 exactly when i started reading to Haruki Murakami's and Fixi's books were getting worst and i no longer interested in malay poetry because some that i liked are bloody hard to digest. i gave up(?) on malay, i guess. however, i'm still talking and learning to construct my words in my head from time to time so i can continuously speak in humble manner (in malay) to the eldest. god, i know i'm sweet.

iii. why would almost every girl (probably who think they loved makeup) gets crazy over 20% off at Sephora? i mean it's only 20% off and then they had to act like they're broke or they're going broke. ntah apa-apa. i once went there and i was losing my mind because why on earth would girls buy those makeups with insane prices especially when they already had too many in their makeup bag, especially when you still have makeup dupes with the same shade and therefore can save more money? these people are so pathetic they don't know how to manage their personal finance.

iv. now aku faham kenapa you won't feel a thing when you buy things using those money your parents gave you claiming you had saved them as a reward for yourself because spending money hasil titik peluh kau is very different. you start to appreciate it. and you stop being stupid and start to invest on it. you start to act on yourself and be responsible. these are the things those spoilt brat don't understand. these are the things they're missing out in their 20s. i feel sorry for them.

November 23, 2016

the year's passing fast

i. lately, i found myself caught up with thoughts raucous inside my head. like they're finding their way out while i on the other side, am blocking them to get through. you see, a genius' mind is not that easy to handle.

ii. i need to really smile a lot at people instead at surroundings other than people. because often i found myself smiling at trees of buildings or people's action when they're not looking.

iii. for once, i prefer the traditional way for travelling. it's so easy to get cheap ticket flights nowadays. and you have so many options.

iv. i am the kind of person who loves to annoy you more with the things you hate when you show how much you hate it. so, don't show. and don't ever ask me why.

v. aku perasan one thing for sure. that's, when you start to buy a book after another and you haven't start reading the latest book you just bought (or many others you haven't), it shows you that you just love the shopping not the reading. i know i'm right.

November 10, 2016

wait now

i have lost 98% of myself and what's inside my body. aku adalah yang di antara tergesa-gesa membuka pintu dengan yang give up not even halfway through. pernah wonder what'll happen to your own body when you're no longer own it?