July 13, 2017


halfway July i realized i need to set new goals. or really just take goals seriously.

come to think of it, does success mean running a business and have shitload of money? el-o-el. i dont know anymore.

patutlah orang cakap, you are what your circles are. bukan orang biasa biasa cakap, imam syafie also said so, sahabat nabi, successful people you name it. also in this case, people you follow on social media. your 'friends' on social media. it's weird tho sebab people are so different there.

being where i am now, looking back, i dont know what i really want anymore. seeing people showing off how successful they are, i dont know IF i am getting somewhere. of course, aku belajar something. but, is this it? i'm not lost but also i am not there. not yet. perhaps, jauh lagi.

aku yang tak sabar ke? atau people are moving too fast? or is it only happen to certain people?

of questions yang tak ada jawapan.

July 5, 2017

raya post?

semenjak dua menjak ni, aku cepat terasa. entahlah. mungkin kadang-kadang aku terlalu kasar, banyak sakat, banyak membahan orang dan sebagainya, tanpa fikir the consequences. i might have hurt people more than what i thought i've had, thinking i was funny.

i tried to play it cool. i'm still playing it cool.

communication is really not my thing. i also hate comfortableness. it opens the gate for people to really just throw everything not realizing whether they really mean it or not. one thing to consider is to make people laugh by not making fun of them. people will pay you twice deeper.

to whoever i've hurt, i'm sorry to say this. you probably deserved it. and so do i.

also, selamat hari raya.