April 17, 2018

di pulau. (ii)

so as promised, though it took me so long to post this lol. Redang Island itinerary:

REDANG 16-21/3/2018

5AM Arrival @ syahbandar, solat, bfast
9AM Jeti Merang, take boat to Redang (45mins)
10AM Arrival Redang, free activity
12.30PM lunch, zuhur
2PM snorkeling @ Pasir Akar
4.30PM tea break, riadah/snorkeling @ tapak wings
7.30PM dinner, maghrib, free activity

7.30AM bfast, sunrise
8.30AM snorkeling @ Marine Park
11.30AM balik pulau, free activity
12.30PM lunch
2PM free activity. (optional snorkeling but we decided to do scuba diving tmr so need rest :p)
4.30PM tea break, free activity/mandi laut
7.30PM dinner, maghrib

7.30AM bfast
9AM discover scuba diving
1PM lunch, zohor, free activity
4.30PM tea break, free activity
7.30PM dinner, maghrib, lepak, mancing at jeti

7AM Hiking n sunrise
9AM packing, bfast
10AM boat to merang
11.30AM POK to syahbandar
2PM check in citi point hotel, rest
10.30PM check out
11PM bus to kl

PS: this is definitely not a budgeted itinerary mind you but the chalet with the package is cheap enough.
search for Redang Mutiara, give it a call and book.

March 31, 2018

life update.

so it's been like a week half i came back from a holiday. it's not really a holiday more like an impromptu adventure. i said to myself and to them that if i dont have enough money i cant go there. but it was enough and i got there. i'm so proud with my capability to save just enough haha. maybe it was unplanned but it was written. god's plan. so that was first. secondly, i didnt even plan to go for scuba diving, or  even now have the thought to take the course. and now i do have some thought. it was so worth it. i made some new friends, kind people. they even said, i am their friend so nothing can ever beat that. i think imma share the itinerary in the next post.

feelings, they were there. but, i managed. that's the third thing im proud of myself. some people they crossed each other along the way. but god's plan they were made to be friend. and i'm glad that we're through. and that i have someone to laugh about silly things. cause he's so stupid, in a good way. i learnt a lot from him and from myself. that life is life. that's how it's supposed to be.

i think im really a good listener. and that i love listening to people's story/confessions or anything. im also good at keeping it. wait, i actually HAVE to be good at keeping it haha. i heard a lot of confessions this week. like from 3 to 4 persons so it's huge. like what have i done? am i that important to you guys haha. why and where all this trusts came from lol arent you afraid? it's okay. your secrets safe with me ;-)

so about my career life, i dont really do a deep thinking about it. i just go with the flow. although sometimes i want a change. but all is well. i am actually trying to adapt myself with this comfortableness. it sure is not easy to be patient. i'm trying to not complain at all and keep praying. god has the way for me. so it's good. it's definitely going to be good.

anyway, here's a little throwback. i cant wait for another adventure!

blessed Q1 2018.
Redang Island, Terengganu

March 25, 2018

di pulau.

around me, things are moving in slow mo. but everyone is rushing to make ends meet. i'm pausing myself di luar kesedaran aku. remembering stuff that i shouldve not remember sooner. i havent really gotten a good sleep this week. it's a disaster for me. but i still ended up feeling fresh the next morning. foods also seem to not go well with me. what have i done to my precious self?

it is even more sucks when certain people understand the things you're going through. i think when i talk about it, it's only gonna make it worse, in a good way.

please just give me back my sleeps.

February 21, 2018

bandung, a memory (ii)

so i decided to post my bandung itinerary (reality) and some tips, i guess. here goes:

9am arrived
10am CUPS
2pm check in cihampelas 2
4pm ayam geprek
5pm trans mall
7pm alun-alun bandung, asia afrika, braga street
9pm balik hotel

9am dusun bambu
12pm kampung daun
4pm tangkuban perahu
5pm farmhouse lembang
8pm ciwalk - pusing bandung
12pm balik

10am the lodge maribaya
2pm pasar baru
5pm kartika sari
7pm ciwalk, house of smith
10pm balik

6am airport

i. indonesia is 1hr late (+8 GMT) so the sun goes out at 6AM. it's better to start your trip around that.
ii. travel on weekdays. people from Jakarta/anywhere near travel to bandung on weekends so its jammed af. a 10 mins drive on weekdays can take to 1hr drive on weekend really.
iii. if you think you can drive in kl, dont ever think of driving in indonesia. get a local driver or take angkutan kota.
iv. probably choose travel date you think bandung will not rain all day. like somewhere not towards november's end.
v. bistro (cafe) is everywhere but choose wisely. some maybe have good ambiance but taste awful and pricey. like CUPS. just dont go to CUPS.
vi. the foods (underlined) definitely worth the try.
vii. other mentioned places you can google.

that's all!

January 6, 2018

2017 wrapped.

posting dengan tajuk paling cliche sengaja aku pilih. bosan hidup kalau asyik menongkah arus.

it had been quite a long year i think. macam, i did so many things (not sure if it's some sort of achievement) sampai aku boleh rasa ia adalah tahun yang panjang. i'm blessed nevertheless.

ada some part yang aku rasa i'm living in stagnancy. while ada some part yang i think i'm living too fast. i always find new things which is good tapi untuk beristiqamah dalam satu-satu perkara tu bukan kepakaran aku. entah. aku terlalu mengejar the idea of living fast instead of improving in life. contohnya macam, aku sering come up dengan new ideas but i rarely stay on that idea.

it's tougher than trying new things in case you didnt know.

anyway here are some of the achievements:
  • achieved a total of 100km run within 6-months
  • joined 5 running events in which 2 of it were 10km distance
  • i know how to swim. properly. (at least 5 laps of breaststroke + water treading/survival)
  • managed to gain weight. 2kgs. not much, but still
  • read four books wow i need to read more in 2018
i think 2017 is more of making friends, be there, more self-care, emotional control and getting my shits together and financial management which i sucks at, so bad. that's all. i'm wishing everyone will get what they wanna achieve in 2018. amen.