January 28, 2017

hari-hari kelabu.

i. the least of thing aku patut bother myself with at the moment is what people actually think of me.

ii. aku dalam keadaan tersepit di antara misi-misi dan azam-azam yang perlu aku selesaikan tahun ini.

iii. i need a lot of time dealing with myself. i always desperately in need a lot of alone time.

iv. staring people in the eyes while talking can be quite dangerous. on the bright side, it builds confidence in you. try it, but remember not to fall for anyone.

v. if this is not feeling overpower than anyone else then, i don't know what is.

vi. tak tahu samada aku mengejar bayang atau aku dikejar bayang. tak tahu samada aku menyimpan dendam atau dendam menyimpan aku. yang paling pasti, both hurt. both really fucking hurt.

vii. rindu, tapi ego. rindu. tapi sangat ego. rindu. bau kampung.

viii. we tend to like forbidden things more. just like teh tarik. just like teh tarik..

January 9, 2017

here's a list of things on what actually happened during my incapable days of journaling moment in my life.

i. long talks with people i barely knew before, tiba-tiba datang dan stuffed my days with broader views. i loved where God had put me into. i really do.

ii. new year was different this year. couldn't ask for more.

iii. niat untuk menulis recap of 2016 hanyalah sekadar niat. maybe i was never good at writing the past.

iv. cheers to another year of growing up. cheers to another year of living fully. or so, the idea of it.

v. i somehow able to swallow whatever may come, each and every day. but that doesn't simply mean, i'm just letting everything through.

vi. people are making big moves. while i'm here just wanna grow a big heart. super big heart that others forget how small i actually am.