May 30, 2017

rndm thghts.

i. i found myself reading to the same blog entry almost as ritual. it's fascinating to the extent of how much it affects my writings these days.

ii. not that i'd write often but that's just how things are.

iii. anyway, i found murakami isnt as cool as the murakami i used to read.

iv. also, i found stephen chbowsky doppleganger. i hope he is. or better. lets just pray for that.

v. i fold bed covers and use it as a pillow. it's so comfortable i'd suggest everyone to try it.

vi. it's ramadhan 4th. i'm doing better, hoping for everyone too.

vii. a year and a half after kakak's marriage, there will be ika's. and abah is asking me when is my turn more often now.

viii. i dont feel like i'm gonna get through marriage, not until i turn 30. it's scary to have that thought. that i'm not gonna get married soon, not in a year or two but more.