May 29, 2016

just thoughts.

it's funny that if you think about it. we have this huge bunch of community here in blogspot when there were no facebook or twitter. and suddenly everyone moved there. and only little remain. very little. curled up and comfortable enough to be on our very own.

anyway, aku tak rasa kebanyakan orang yang aku rasa layak untuk tahu tentang kewujudan blog ini sebenarnya betul ingat akan kehadiran blog ini. get it?

mungkin kategori layak yang aku maksudkan ni sedikit sebanyak telah aku labelkan mereka ini sebagai, 'people who do not really care' or 'people whose appreciation is not really fall into the word itself.' get it?

sebab aku berkata macam tu sama ertinya dengan sebab kenapa aku memberi such privilege kepada mereka. it's not the same as giving this privilege to my bestfriends. life's not AADC. i'm overprotective over things i love doing. aku tak mahu hobi aku dipertikai over some words like hipster, deep whatsoever. because damn it, i really love what i'm doing and i dont have the right to shut everyone up and the only thing i can think is to shut myself in.

get it?

May 12, 2016

turdday thursday.

i. have you ever noticed? that the wall is only look high when you lean closed, and look up.

ii. i'm extremely exhausted. for seeking love so far away. why did i even decide to fall in love in the first place? falling in love is a choice if you havent ever think about this before. it is.

iii. i cant wait for graduation day and get the hell out of here.

iv. not getting a job sucks. getting a job sucks too. at least, you get money for sucking in.

v. oh the hell with everything.